Scenery in Uganda

Surely, Uganda is undeniably among the most beautiful countries in Africa. While we are on our safari explorations, you’ll be a witness to the vast expanses of beautiful vegetation, mountains and refreshing sights and sounds as we travel together to the different regions of the country.

Western and Eastern Uganda 

You’ll love the sights of the green rolling hills and jagged mountains in the western and eastern part of the country. This is a place where the inhabitants are majorly herdsmen or cultivators. As you go further on your way to Kabale, you’ll see increasing expanses of savanna grasslands. Should you continue headed further into the south, you’ll meet the Great East African rift valley. The vast expanse of land along and around the rift valley is covered with forests.

Uganda scenery is punctuated with beautiful winding roads;  that as well grace your days while in this South-western part of the country. As the altitude gets higher and higher, the thrills escalate as you marvel and agree to the unquestionable obligation to be stewards of our environment. The terraces, the big plantations of tea, the unpredictable chilly weather; all make this worth an experience. Perhaps your best moments will be when you take a visit to the highlands of south-western Uganda in Lake Bunyonyi (meaning a lake of many small birds). Welcome to Uganda!