Traditional Marriage Experience

This unique and authentic cultural experience could easily be the one that you will live to remember and among our original cultural activities that you can do which is specifically attached to the Ugandan people life style and culture.

We know that you are wondering how you could get your traditional wear put up together and so on, relax now because we have two options for you;

To hire a full attire from a professional traditional tailor for the day and the other alternative, is to get it all tailor made for you that is if you wish to carry it back home as souvenir after the experience.

On D-day, we shall be smartly dressed for the event and a lifetime experience will start to unfold as you learn and feast your eyes. Watch out for lots of Ugandan music not forgetting the traditional music and dance interludes. This too includes seeing how a traditional marriage event is conducted in one of the many Ugandan cultural settings. On emailing us to make a booking, we shall give you the details of which ethnic and cultural marriage event is available for when you want to do it and we shall give you details of the cultural backgrounds and a brief insight about the way marriage is conducted in that specific ethnic group.

Ok! How could such an event go without tasting that traditionally made local food, especially for such a cultural event? In Buganda kingdom found in central Uganda, the luwombo, literally meaning stew for example of chicken or beef steamed in smoked banana leaves is a must plus other local dishes and rare delicacies.

We leave it up to you to choose how long you would like to stay but we are certainly sure that you would not be bored to leave prematurely.

Book this tour for you and your friends or family while in Uganda and you will have a story to tell once you get back home that is not about the wildlife or the adventure activities but a real-life experience that you shared with the hospitable and graceful Ugandan people.