Entebbe Exclusive Tour

Entebbe is surely one of the many beautiful towns of Uganda and with reflection from its location has a variety of tourism attractions clustered for you in one place. No doubt it harbors Uganda’s International airport, and part of the world’s second largest fresh water lake, Lake Victoria. You surely can have the last days or few hours of your vacation well spent taking this day tour.

We meet and greet at your accommodation thereafter driving off to Entebbe.



Reptile village

Visiting a reptile village (with 13 snake species, 5 species of tortoises, over 5 species of chameleons, Nile monitor lizards, juvenile crocodiles, and forest birds). You get to touch and feel the snakes if you are brave enough or if you want to attack your fears of snakes. The reptile village is indeed a home to these endangered species, as it’s a collection site and it has helped to rescue and conserve reptiles from humans as threats. The guided reptile experience lasts between 1 – 2 hours.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

This is an exhibition center of all the 10 national parks in Uganda among other conserved places in Uganda. Expect to see exhibits from Lake Mburo national park including the zebra, exhibits from Queen Elizabeth national park including the elephants, lions, leopard,hyena, impalas and bush bucks, exhibits from Kibale national park where you will see a family of chimpanzees, exhibits from Murchison falls national park including giraffes and ostriches. Others include the endangered Sitatunga, shoebill representing the Mabamba swamp and other birds include, the peacocks and peahen, gray crowned cranes, and parrots. Monkeys never miss at this place including the velvet monkeys, a plants and shrubs session explaining to you the medicinal use of different plant species traditionally. This is an interesting session for plant and nature lovers. We shall have a lunch break at the Uganda Wildlife restaurant, located at the shores of the beautiful Lake Victoria. We shall spend 2 – 3 hours at the zoo.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens nature walk

This place is famous for its diversity of plants and trees not forgetting the land and water birds. There are recorded over 200 bird species, 3 species of monkeys; the black and white Colobus monkeys, Vervet monkeys and red tailed monkeys, not forgetting trees as old as 500 years. This evening nature walk will crown the tour. The walk will last for 1-2 hours. It is refreshing and educative. Lots of rare fruits to see and taste while on the walk.