Murchison Falls National Park Exploration

Murchison Falls National park also called Kabalega Falls is a beauty like no other lying in the north-west part of Uganda at the apex of lake Albert on the Victoria Nile where the waters squeeze themselves through a tight narrow gorge on their way to the Mediterranean Sea. The falls were named by Sir Samuel Baker who visited the falls in the mid-1860s. The falls have considerable attractions that you surely would love not to miss. Let’s see how we’ll spend our time there.


Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Travel from Kampala and White Rhino Tracking

Have an early morning breakfast, at 7:30 AM drive off towards northern Uganda to the country’s largest protected area, Murchison falls National Park. After approximately 2 hours’ drive, we shall be at the Rhino Sanctuary for our first activity of the trip going on a guided walk to see the white rhinos, the animals became extinct in the early 1980s due to heavy poaching, until animals from Kenya and the United States were brought to Zziwa in 2004/5.The sanctuary’s first baby was born in 2009 from a Kenyan father and an American mother. This is the only opportunity to encounter rhinos in the wild in Uganda. After this activity we shall have lunch and a brief rest and continue with return journey to the park with another stop- over at Karuma falls briefly depending on how good on time we are to enter the park before its closing time. While enroute, expect to see primates like baboons, monkeys, birds and butterflies.

Day 2

Game Drive and Boat Cruise and Hike to Top of the fall

You will wake-up to the beautiful sounds of birds, wild fresh air and spectacular view of the Nile River and start your day with a nearly breakfast after which we shall set off for the ferry crossing the Nile at 6:30AM to the other side of the park where we shall do the Game drive from. Expect to encounter lots of elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, lion and if lucky leopards and hyenas. After the game drive, we shall have a rest and get lunch in time for the afternoon Boat cruise and later hike to the top of the falls. At 2:00PM after the briefing the boat cruise is launched and while on the boat expect to see large numbers of resident crocodiles, snakes, hippos and different species of birds, with 450 species recorded and magnificent scenery. The hike of approximately 45 minutes for a relatively fit person will lead us to the top of the magnificent falls that the national park picks its name from. At this point, the Mighty River Nile has its water falling 40 meters down producing a thunderous noise and a full rainbow for you. Believe me, you will wish to spend your lifetime at this site. We shall thereafter return to accommodation for an overnight stay.

Day 3

Chimpanzee Trekking and Travel to Kampala

After an early morning breakfast, will set off for Chimpanzee trekking in a tropical natural rain forest, with whom humans share 98% of genetic material. Because the trekking is done in a natural environment, the activity will last between 2 – 3 hours or more depending on how quick we encounter the chimpanzees. At the Budongo forest, the biggest natural forest in Uganda, a guide will brief you first before the activity and will take you into the forest. After trekking, we shall have a lunch break and start our return journey to Kampala. Depending on how you feel by this time, you will decide on visiting the Nubian community, a group of women who make handicrafts to trade and improve their welfare. The driver will drop you off to your accommodation in Kampala.