Jinja Discovery Tour

We meet at your place of accommodation in the morning after your breakfast, then drive off to the east. After a 40 minutes’ drive, nature’s beauty starts to creep in as the landscape starts to change from the packed settlement structures to more clearer and graceful vegetation cover as we drive through the small towns.



Cultural site

Our first stop-over is at a cultural site with waterfalls after approximately an hour drive on a good day with less or no traffic. At the waterfalls, we take a nature/cultural guided walk of approximately 30 minutes up to the top of the falls. We thereafter drive off to go into Mabira rain forest where we do a 1-2 hours guided forest walk. On the forest walk, you will see variety of plant life and trees, red-tailed monkeys, butterflies, and if you have a good camera you can as well capture some forest birds which hide in the canopies.

Indigenous and old trees

The forest has a primary section which has the indigenous and old trees, some more than 150 years old; and a secondary section where trees have been planted for the past few decades in order to restore parts of the forests which where once destroyed by human settlement. On the forest walk we go through both sections which makes one realize the difference.

Source of the Nile

After the adventurous walk in the green, we continue to our last destination, the source of the Nile; driving past commercial tea and sugarcane plantations, making a stop-over upon request. We take a guided boat ride starting it on Lake Victoria, there after connecting to river Nile waters to see the spot where the mighty river begins its 90 day journey to Egypt. Water and forest birds, monitor lizards and otters are never missed while on this boat ride adventure.

After minutes of rest, we then start our return journey to Kampal