Mabamba Birding Tour

Mabamba swamp is home to the globally endangered shoebill storks, the birds can be seen at any time of the day but its best to be there in the morning hours when they are more active looking for what to eat. During this time, the shoe-bills stand for good minutes negotiating how to get the prey making it best for taking good shots. The birding activity is carried out in dugout canoes which adds to the whole experience surrounded by nature. The swamp has been recorded to have over 300 bird species,over 200 butterfly species, fishing is another activity that can be arranged and community guided nature walks.

On Our way back to Kampala, we make a stop-over at another swamp for 45 minutes to look out for the beautiful Grey crowned crane, Uganda’s national bird. At its glance, you will not hesitate to say that Uganda is no doubt the pearl of Africa. Other amazing species at the swamp include African Jakana, Black crake, Common morhen, Blue-headed coucal, purple heron, swamp flycatcher, long toed lapwing, piedking fisher, malachite kingfisher, grey heron, among others.