Traditional Food Experience

Uganda rich culture and heritage is distributed in the different regions as one visits.The same goes with food, as one visits the different regions in Uganda, you will appreciate the different delicacies and cuisines. In central Uganda, where the Baganda people are the majority, food is prepared in a traditional way, which is, by steaming.On this tour, we visit a traditional home, take you to a traditional garden and you get to see the different foods and there after take you through the all process of preparing a traditional meal.

Of course the best part of the tour is when you get to test the traditional food, you will tell us which foods stood out for you. If you are not hesitant on eating insects, rare delicacies like roasted grass hoppers and white ants are the in thing when its season.

A food experience would not be complete without a series of drinks, and here we are taking about the traditional drinks which a hygienically made in a local way. The banana juice,traditionally is what would catch your attention! After it’s squeezed out by using a special kind of grass, the juice is then boiled to kill all the germs making it very safe for you to taste. Other drinks include local brew which is an evening drink for the guys after work. Upon special request a tour to explore how the local brew is made can be organized as well.

This tour will unveil to you the love and respect for food that people in Uganda have. A tour to explore how local brew is made can be organized as well.