Traditional Games Experience

Among the many things that set us different from other cultures, are our traditional games. Yes the traditional games, that are indigenous to us, and they vary from region to region as well as culture. For example in central Uganda where the Baganda are the majority, at different stages of growth they had different games played, to help the kids growth fully as you well know that play time is an essential part of developing the brains ,and in another way games were a tool used to instill discipline in kids.

The games could groom one on how to manage anger, be patient, focus and above all socialize with others. For the adult males, it was a way of socializing after along hard day’s work tilling in the garden. During this time, they could hint on important issues for the well being of the community and share knowledge.

On this tour, we connect you to our past in terms of games,you get to play and it’s completely an interactive and active tour with your involvement and the local people. This is a chance for you to loosen up after the long drives to and from the national parks or one of the best ways to start your vacation or an interactive activity for you in between your stay in Uganda.

What makes this tour interesting is that you will graduate from the children’s to the adult games in just a day. It’s a humbling and memorable tour because we carry it from a well-organized community where you will actively interact with the local kids and adults while playing the games and your safety is absolutely not a thing to worry about.

Do not forget to pack any materials if you would like to teach us a few traditional games from your country, you are very welcome! Come learn more about our culture as we play!