Kampala Birding Tour

Uganda is endowed with more than 1000 bird species constituting to 11% of the world’s species of birds, and 50% of Africa’s bird species. Kampala is a vibrant city with 2 million warm and welcoming people. A birding tour in Kampala can easily showcase more than 50 species of water and forest birds combined. The tour will combine both birding and learning more of Kampala’s history and culture of the people, it’s a two in one tour.

The following are some of the common birds found in Kampala, Ibises, vultures, herons, egrets, storks, kites,parrots, doves, turacos, kingfishers, wood peckers, flycatchers, sun birds, and more. Rare species include; Grey-headed woodpecker, palm-nut vulture, Africa, piapiac, shikra, African Hobby, white-browed robin-chat, African green pigeon, and the common morhen; the one that you can see on a lucky day!