Royal Tombs Tour

Do you embrace culture and art? Then here is a tour that will have you covered in just a day. The cultural core of modern day Uganda originates from the Bantu – speaking kingdoms of Buganda, Bunyoro, Ankole, and Toro. The century old kingdoms serve as important cultural figure heads, and are offshoots of the kingdoms of Batembuzi and Bachwezi which lay in the present day Mubende and Ntusi where archaeological evidence portrays that a strongly centralized policy had emerged by the 11th century.

A day starts with a meet and greets at your accommodation, and there after your breakfast set off for a UNESCO heritage site that has been visited by many important persons as you will be told. Three former kings of the Buganda are buried in an impressive traditionally thatched building, the tombs. You will be guided to see many of the tools that the Buganda kingdom has kept for centuries, learn about the classification of people in Buganda kingdom and the roles of different clans. You will be surprised by how long ago civilization was realized here and the inside out of the Buganda culture and art.

You will have a lunch break at an authentic local restaurant where you will taste traditional food prepared in a traditional way, there after you shall continue to visit the tombs of a king in Buganda who officially married over 140 wives paying dowry for each of them and had the same number of concubines in the 1880s. He was the first to wear shoes and modern clothes in Uganda, a generous king who gave away his favorite wife to his guests as a gift. His house and tools are evident at this site. You will also enjoy the landscape while at this site. This will mark the end of the day’s tour. Return to accommodation.